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How do digital dashboards work

How do digital dashboards work?

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To create your perfect digital dashboard, we’ll draw on a huge library of specialised connectors linking online platforms with Google Data Studio. 

Our investment into the mechanics of dashboard creation mean you benefit not only from our own expertise but also the best technology available… for a fraction of the price of doing it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many agencies and multinationals produce their own dashboards on a variety of platforms. Doing it yourself can be expensive and involves a steep learning curve, so we launched to let our clients focus on what really matters – doing better business. 

As the name implies, a connector is a link between a platform (for example, LinkedIn) and Google Data Studio. Connectors are at the heart of how digital dashboards work. There are a number of connector libraries available. We most often use connectors from Supermetrics.

All of our dashboards are created in Google Data Studio then embedded into individual client profiles. You can either view your dashboard on your profile or natively in Data Studio.

Only the people you allow to have access. Each dashboard is manually embedded onto individual profiles. We won’t embed a dashboard onto a profile without receiving written instruction from our client.

Yes, we will require access to your online accounts in order to set and maintain your dashboard. To ensure your security, all of our work on your behalf will be covered by a non-disclosure agreement.

You can change the data on your dashboard whenever you like by contacting your account manager. You cannot edit the dashboard yourself.

Yes, we can design your dashboard to suit your company branding. As standard, all clients can add their own logo, company colours and imagery. Ultimately, we can make your dashboard look as good as you can imagine.

Every plan begins with an initial annual purchase that can be upgraded as required.

No problem. We’ll fulfil the time left on your initial purchase then delete all of the connections between Data Studio and your online platforms, meaning we no longer have any access to your data.

Yes we can. The company behind, The Inside Story, is a full-fledged digital marketing agency with expertise in social media, online advertising, content creation and branding.

Yes, our platforms works on all devices though some pinching and zooming may be required on smaller screens.

Yes you can. All of our dashboards can be opened natively in Data Studio (linked from your profile), from which you can download reports.

Not necessarily, but choosing not to have one will restrict your options. For example, if you want to view your dashboard natively in Data Studio, you will need a Google account. The good news is that if you’re already running Google analytics on your website then you will already have a Google account, and if you’re unsure of what to do with it, we can help.

Yes, we can. exists because we believe in helping companies to better understand their data and therefore make better, more informed business decisions. Moreover, as a full-fledged digital marketing agency, we can help you to turn your data into sales. If you would like to know more about The Inside Story, just get in touch.

Get in touch and tell us what you need. If it’s possible, we’ll make it happen.

Yes, we can. Please contact us and we’ll talk to you about one-to-one training.

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